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He treats me like a Ragdoll

She's gonna kick tomorrow

30 December
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I am a creative genius and musical guru. I adore all things pretty and think that life should be much like the film Moulin Rouge. Do you dream of running naked in warm rain?

my pet!

absinthe, acoustic guitar, adam ant, anais nin, art, bauhaus, bay city rollers, beading, beauty, being silly, blind melon, braodway, bret easton ellis, brian jonestown massacre, broken hearts, bukowski, cabaret, cable guy, cala lillies, candles, chagall, chet baker, chicken cordon bleu, chopin, chris isaak, corsets, costumes, creativity, cute boys, damned, dandy warhols, dave navarro, death in vegas, debussy, delibes, dig, dreadlocks, dreaming, dressing up, edith piaf, entourage, erte, etta james, faeries, fancy, faure, flunk, frank sinatra, gene loves jezebel, glitteratti, goth, great expectations, great hair, handbags, harry connick, hats, henry miller, high fidelity, high heels, holding hands, imagination, intelligence, interior design, ipods, jack black, janes addiction, janis joplin, jazz, jeweltones, john cusack, jon stewart, kama-sutra, kitties, klimt, las vegas, laughing, less than zero, lily of the valley, lotte lenya, love, love&rockets, madonna, making pretend videos, marlena dietrich, matisse, maxfield parrish, michael pitt, michigan, ministry, moonlight, moulin rouge, mucha, music, napolean dynamite, naughty, neil diamond, nick cave, nin, nip/tuck, nirvana, nose-rings, notre dame, painting, peacocks, perfume, perry farrell, piano, poetry, pomegranite, porno for pyros, puccini, queer as folk, quickies, rain, records, red wine, ryan adams, sari's, satellite party, saving silverman, sequins, shaun cassidy, shoes, silk, singing, six feet under, soft cell, some kind of wonderful, sparkles, stephen perkins, stockings, sublime, sylvia plath, tango, the 80's, the blue angel, the pixies, thunderstorms, tiara's, tim roth, tones on tail, turntables, ute lemper, vampires, vanity, vh1, vivaldi, vodka cocktails, weddings, writing